Financial Assistance

From Financial Assistance to Business Counseling

Financial Assistance

The KLCFDC currently has a lending capacity of up to $250,000 for local businesses that cannot secure financing through more traditional channels. Our key loan information and application form are available online.

The KLCFDC began in 1986 as the Victoria County Employment Development Group. Our goal then was very much as it is today, to create employment through investment, although over the past 3 decades the reasons for borrowing have become more diverse and our capacity to provide the support you need has grown. We will look to work with you to find the best possible way that we can assist you.

Please be aware that the Kawartha Lakes CFDC is not here to be in competition with chartered banks or other financial institutions. In fact, we often work with these institutions in the referring and servicing clients. We are an alternative source for financial assistance for businesses, and we are committed to promoting business development. We offer term loans to businesses based upon current market competitive interest rates. The interest rates are fixed and are determined by risk assessment. Financing is made available for the following:

  • Business equipment and commercial vehicle purchases (used or new).
  • Commercial property and building construction.
  • Refinancing and consolidation of existing debt, which could involve extending the terms of repayment and thereby reducing your monthly payments while improving your cash flow.
  • Working capital, including possibly inventory purchases as well as start up costs associated with new businesses or business expansion.

Business Loan Application.

At KLCFDC we are committed to helping you keep your business and personal information secure and private. Communicating with us using Email cannot guarantee your confidentiality. We recommend that any disclosure of personal information should be communicated directly with us; the most secure methods being via telephone or hand-delivered in hard copy to our offices.

If you are considering a business loan from the KLCFDC, you may be required to provide further information beyond completing our Loan Application Form and Personal Net Worth Statement.

Download Application Form

We urge you to complete as much information as you can. Please be aware that you will not be able to return at a later time and complete your application. After you submit your application, you will not be able to print or save it. After we have received your application electronically, we will contact you with next steps as to the loan application process.

If your request is urgent or requires disclosure of confidential or personal information for resolution, please call us.

Download Business Application

Personal Net Worth Statement

Personal Net Worth Statement

Nuturing Big ideas.

If you have an idea for a business, along with some means to invest in the project, call us!.

Download Application Form

Personal Net Worth Statement

Initially we will work with you in assessing your idea, likely through reviewing your business plan or helping you to develop one. We will also identify areas that you will have to address in proceeding with a loan application. Upon these areas being addressed, your loan will be presented to and reviewed by our Board of Directors. A small application fee is required which is retained by the KLCFDC if we approve the loan and provide a letter of offer to you. However, in the event the loan is not approved, the application fee is fully refunded.

Perhaps you are looking to expand your business or require financing to replace existing equipment or vehicles. Maybe you have decided to purchase or build your own building or plant. You may also be considering refinancing or consolidating all your existing business debts in an effort to reduce your current payments. A call to us could assist you with your plans.

We would arrange a meeting to discuss your plans and if they meet our initial lending criteria, a site visit to your place of business could be set up. We take a real interest in your business and in this regard, we want you to have the opportunity to show us the success your business has achieved to date along with your future ideas. From there, we will look to gain whatever other information we need and then process your application for review and approval by our Board.

For an appointment, please contact Mitch DeLenardo - Business & Loans Officer 705-328-0261.

Evaluation Criteria.

Whether your business is in the start-up stage or growing, we are interested in supporting your dreams and aspirations.

However, evidence of your commitment to the business both from a resource and financial position must be evident. We consider it essential to know as much as possible about your business. This is important in determining its viability, as this will be the foundation within establishing your loan obligations. Collateral in support of your loan request will also be an important consideration.

Finally and often the most important factor, is your ability to demonstrate to us that you possess the necessary skills and experience related to running your business successfully.

Once your loan application is approved, a written Letter of Offer will follow outlining the loan terms and conditions associated with the loan. Upon your acceptance we will proceed with making arrangements with a lawyer to have the loan security registered so that we are in a position to advance the funds to you.

Cash Flow Statement